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The Phoenix Hover Mower - Made in New Zealand


Industrial Quality built in New Zealand.
The PHOENIX is built to a high quality Industrial standard. Boasting a 5mm UV stabilized high impact Polyethylene hood (HDPE). This, along with heavy duty handle mounting brackets, full steel air impeller and vibration reducing nylon engine spacers all suits the lawn care contractor, parks, schools, golf courses and the discerning private individual.
The Phoenix mower is suitable for all types of terrain with an unparalleled versatility. Easy to start, the Phoenix hovers on a cushion of air making lawn mowing a simple, fast and effortless operation.
Easy to start and use.
The PHOENIX hover mower is easy to start and due to its exceptional design, power and hover ability is extremely easy to manoeuvre in any direction. Difficult areas or narrow strips of lawn can be mowed efficiently by using a sweeping back and forth motion.
Sloping Ground & Wet Lawns
The PHOENIX hover mower floats effortlessly on an air cushion making light work of slopes, uneven surfaces and wet lawns. It can be used on water logged lawns leaving no scalping or wheel marks. The phoenix 380 2-stroke model excels on slopes due to its ability to operate on gradients of up to 45%.
Hard to Reach Places
The PHOENIX has a free flowing pivot handle allowing the handle to drop parallel to the ground to mow under trampolines, swings, park benches and tables etc. This feature also makes mowing under and around trees and bushes a breeze.
The PHOENIX hover mower weighs a mere 16.9kgs and has a low centre of gravity. The  PHOENIX can easily be picked up and carried so the job can be started immediately. No need to negotiate bulky lawnmowers down narrow walkways to get to hard to reach areas.
Manicure Finish
There is nothing more annoying than constantly having to stop and empty the catcher when mowing. With the PHOENIX hover mower the grass clippings are distributed evenly leaving a mulch like effect and manicured finish.
Easily Transportable
The handles are connected with cam-locks allowing for quick release and fold down. No time wasted here, making life easier for lawn care contractors and private individuals taking the PHOENIX to the holiday home or batc
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